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People make mines

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Expertise isn’t an overnight discovery. A specialist’s skills and experience takes years to develop.

Around the world, the mining industry faces ongoing challenges to efficiently and responsibly extract resources. From exploration to development and production, a consultant’s value can be measured by their years of experience earned working across regions, commodities and all stages of the project life-cycle.

It’s rare on a mining project that the right skills and experience are on hand to deal with each challenge that comes up. Our specialists want to share these challenges, push boundaries and deliver the best outcome.

Explore the opportunities. Evaluate the potential. Deliver the best.


Coffey creates careers

We nurture mining consultants. We believe in your success.

Coffey offers you the opportunity to learn from the best. Our specialist teams are assembled because of their diverse skills and experience gained over many years.

Develop your skills and build your experience working on projects as a part of these teams, across a wide range of commodity types, and in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

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