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Geotechnical Engineering / Ground Engineering

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Soil, rock and water form the core foundations upon which our social and physical infrastructure is built. Specialist knowledge of these materials during the early planning phases of a project through to design and construction can ensure success – whether it’s a high-rise building, a road, a tunnel or near shore structures.

At Coffey, we help our clients manage the earth through a range of geotechnical engineering services including ground improvementsite investigation, geotechnical interpretationanalysis and design, and construction advice.

We also provide geotechnical engineering services in geophysics, groundwater, environmental engineering and inspection and testing.

As consultants, we strive to better understand our clients' risks and constraints to help address and manage the increasing complications in today's environment with:

  • increased cost, time and safety pressures
  • the urbanisation of cities on marginal, difficult and poor land
  • the demand for taller, deeper and more complicated projects.

Our people are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of professional knowledge to achieve extraordinary outcomes in geotechnical engineering by combining cost-effective solutions with technical excellence.

Coffey has been providing geotechnical engineering services to manage the earth for more than 50 years and has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. This means we can draw on geotechnical specialists from around the world. These specialists work together to share their knowledge on a diverse range of ground conditions and provide a customised solution for each project.

View videos of some of our award winning geotechnical engineering projects: